Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween everyone

If you’re like me then you’re probably going out tonight and no Halloween party is complete without the classics and I want to kick start the Halloween party with my top five Halloween tracks, proceed with caution as cliche’s may lie ahead.

I’ll post pictures on my Instagram of my costume, happy trick or treating guys and I hope you enjoy my top five Halloween songs.

5. Ghostbusters

As well as being one of my favourite Halloween songs it’s definitely one of my favourite films, If I was going out tonight I’d probably be chilling on my couch watching this Halloween classic.

4. This is Halloween

I doubt there is a Halloween playlist out there without this song and if you have a Halloween playlist without, go ahead and add it.

3. Scooby Doo and The Witches Curse – Earth, Wind, Fire and Air.

Okay so I know this isn’t exactly a Halloween song or even a Halloween classic but it’s an undeniably catchy song. Who didn’t love the hex girls when they were kids!?

2. Bad Romance

This one definitely isn’t a Halloween song but nevertheless it has a top spot on my list, so maybe I am being a little biased putting this song in my list, but the song has the creepy Halloween vibe that I live for.



  1. Thriller

If this isn’t your ultimate Halloween song you definitely aren’t doing Halloween right. From the iconic dance moves, stunning spooktacualr visuals and of course the haunting lyrics. This song is basically defines Halloween in my opinion


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