Skins and Needles Friday the 13th Event

Skins and Needles had their Friday the 13th event today and I got pierced!

On Friday the 13th Skins and Needles, a piercing and tattoo studio in Middlesbrough offer £13 single ear piercings and selected £13 tattoos. So this year I decided to get my tragus pierced. I’ll post pictures soon.

To be honest getting a tattoo did cross my mind but I decided getting a pointless tattoo wasn’t worth it. I definitely want a tattoo in the near future though, I want something that means something to me. Probably something Gaga related, any ideas?

The studio was absolutely packed however I was my tragus was pierced and I was on my way within 20 minutes. After getting my tragus pierced I received an after care sheet and a goody bag that included a wristband, a key ring and various other Skins and Needles merchandise.

I would definitely recommend Skins and Needles to anyone considering piercings or tattoos!

The wristband says “I got pierced” along with details of the studio


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