Lessons Learnt 

Hey guys,

I just want to remind everyone how important safety is on nights out especially for students.

After a night out at the Student’s Union at Teesside last Friday, I lost my group of friends and ended up walking home on my own. This is something I’ve done on multiple occasions so I felt fairly comfortable doing so and on my way home I encountered a young homeless woman which isn’t something I considered unusual to see. This young woman asked me to buy her some food from a local takeaway, I agreed  because it was  cold and I wanted her to at least having something to eat that night.

As I went to pay for her food I reached into my pocket for my wallet and realised my phone was missing,I knew I had my phone moments prior to it going missing. Although I did feel terrible about accusing the woman, I confronted her about it and she obviously denied it. Luckily I knew the take away shop owner and he rang my phone, I was surprised and disgusted when I heard my phone ring from this woman’s shoe.

At first she refused to give me my phone back until the shop owner threatened to phone the police, you’d think the thought of the police being called its self would be enough for her to give me it back but no. She demanded £10 in exchange for my phone, at this point I didn’t care so I gave her the money.

I urge students especially in Middlesbrough to stay in groups at night when possible because there is truly safety in numbers. I’m now very cautious when I’m out and I’ve really learnt my lesson.


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