After Gaga smashed the halftime show she announced her Joanne World Tour.

Gaga had three UK dates set

  • London – October 9th – The O2 Arena
  • Birmingham – October 15th – The Barclaycard Arena
  • Manchester – October 17th – Manchester Arena

But due to phenomenal demand Gaga had an extra London date, October 11th.  The tickets have been selling out in minutes across globe and Gaga has added extra dates in Paris as well as London. Gaga has confirmed she is hoping to add more tour dates where possible.

I can’t lie I thought the Joanne World tour was going to be a laid back Gaga tour but then she surprised dropped a new music video for John Wayne, check it out

The video is a continuation from the Million Reasons video. It’s everything fans have been waiting for a crazy, colourful and Gaga video.

Back to the tour, I was lucky enough to get standing tickets to Birmingham show and the Come to Mama package for Manchester, I’m super excited to see what Gaga has to offer this time around.

The Come to Mama package includes

  •  Standing ticket to see Lady Gaga
  •  Early Entry to the venue floor before standard ticket holders
  • Souvenir Lady Gaga tour laminate + lanyard
  • Merchandise item designed exclusively for package purchasers

Star Wars: Episode VIII Title Revealed

THE official title for Star Wars: Episode VIII has just been announced and it is… The Last Jedi.

The official Stars Wars twitter account broke the news to fans today.STAR WARS.png

The Last Jedi is the follow up to Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens and will be in cinemas in December

Formation World Tour Throwback

Today I  want to share with you some of my experiences from when I saw Queen B. I was lucky enough to get tickets to the sold out Formation World, this was an amazing experience. Beyonce was absolutely phenomenal , you wont understand how talented she really is until you’ve seen her live.

I queued for eight hours in the rain at The Stadium of light in Sunderland, the stadium was absolutely packed,  I could barely move and I literally couldn’t lift my arms above my head at one point.

I quickly realised that Beyonce fans are dedicated and vicious, when entering the stadium someone actually tried to push me down the stairs to get into.  There was lots of arguments and pushing throughout the day in the queue and in the stadium, but it was more than worth it and I would do it again tomorrow if I could.

A Beyonce concert isn’t complete without Crazy in Love is it? check it out


Beyonce sang her classic hits, all but one. Single Ladies. I’ll never fully forgive her for not singing it at the Formation World Tour. I’m just kidding, I mean it’s Beyonce! She could literally sit on a chair for 2 hours, no singing, no dancing and I would still live for it. The Formation World Tour supported Beyonce’s latest visual album, Lemonade.

HPV Awareness Campaign


As a second year Journalism student I had to come up with a campaign, my group decided to raise awareness of HPV, the Human papillomavirus which is spread through Oral sex, watch our short vlog to find out more information. Check out the website http://goingdownondisease.wixsite.com/downonhpv

We raised awareness by posting selfies with our tongues out along with the hashtag #illLickit, we asked other people to send those selfies for our Instagram which turned out to be really successful.



Lessons Learnt 

Hey guys,

I just want to remind everyone how important safety is on nights out especially for students.

After a night out at the Student’s Union at Teesside last Friday, I lost my group of friends and ended up walking home on my own. This is something I’ve done on multiple occasions so I felt fairly comfortable doing so and on my way home I encountered a young homeless woman which isn’t something I considered unusual to see. This young woman asked me to buy her some food from a local takeaway, I agreed  because it was  cold and I wanted her to at least having something to eat that night.

As I went to pay for her food I reached into my pocket for my wallet and realised my phone was missing,I knew I had my phone moments prior to it going missing. Although I did feel terrible about accusing the woman, I confronted her about it and she obviously denied it. Luckily I knew the take away shop owner and he rang my phone, I was surprised and disgusted when I heard my phone ring from this woman’s shoe.

At first she refused to give me my phone back until the shop owner threatened to phone the police, you’d think the thought of the police being called its self would be enough for her to give me it back but no. She demanded £10 in exchange for my phone, at this point I didn’t care so I gave her the money.

I urge students especially in Middlesbrough to stay in groups at night when possible because there is truly safety in numbers. I’m now very cautious when I’m out and I’ve really learnt my lesson.

90’s Nostalgia


When I was at work recently I was asked if i ever owned a VHS (Home video system for those who don’t know what that means). Of course I did, who didn’t!? However I was told I was ‘too young’ to have had one.Lets take a moment to remember and appreciate all things 90’s.

I feel like a lot of things that were popular in the 90’s and early 00’s are becoming popular again for example Pokemon with Pokemon GO. I feel like Pokemon was definitely more popular when I was a child then suddenly this new app comes out and everyone’s playing it.

Furbies, remember those? You loved them but your poor mother hated them. The real struggle of trying not to wake them up and hiding them in your wardrobe trying to send it to sleep.I remember having a Gremlins Gizmo furby and I think it wgizmo-furbyas my favourite toy ever. Again Furbies were almost unheard of in recent years until now that is, they’ve been updated and are more interactive than ever and I still totally want one, sorry Mam.


VHS, children of today will never know the struggle of having to rewind your favourite video tape every time you wanted to watch it. I actually still remember using a DVD player for the first time and being completely gob smacked that I didn’t have to rewind it, don’t judge me I was still pretty young.  These will definitely not becoming popular again any time soon.


I may have only lived in the 90’s for three years but hey I’m still a 90’s kid a heart.

Skins and Needles Friday the 13th Event

Skins and Needles had their Friday the 13th event today and I got pierced!

On Friday the 13th Skins and Needles, a piercing and tattoo studio in Middlesbrough offer £13 single ear piercings and selected £13 tattoos. So this year I decided to get my tragus pierced. I’ll post pictures soon.

To be honest getting a tattoo did cross my mind but I decided getting a pointless tattoo wasn’t worth it. I definitely want a tattoo in the near future though, I want something that means something to me. Probably something Gaga related, any ideas?

The studio was absolutely packed however I was my tragus was pierced and I was on my way within 20 minutes. After getting my tragus pierced I received an after care sheet and a goody bag that included a wristband, a key ring and various other Skins and Needles merchandise.

I would definitely recommend Skins and Needles to anyone considering piercings or tattoos!

The wristband says “I got pierced” along with details of the studio

artRAVE Birmingham Review

It’s almost been three years since I booked tickets to see Lady Gaga for the first time. So in honour of the artRAVE I want to write a review and remember that amazing night.

As you’ve probably guessed I’m a huge Lady Gaga fan, it took me way too long to see her in concert. But on February 5th 2014 that all changed when I booked my standing tickets to artRAVE – The ARTPOP Ball, October 15th could not come quick enough.

I went to see Gaga in Birmingham at The National Indoor Arena, now known as the Barclaycard arena. I queued for twelve hours to get as close as I could possibly get and it was more than worth the wait.



This concert was a celebration of art and creativity, so I tie dyed my shoes! 

Gaga performed her obvious hits along with the album she was touring, ARTPOP. She really knows how to put on a show, within the first five minutes of the concert there were giant balls flying around, confetti in the air and she had already managed to play the piano.

One of the highlights of the night for me was Telephone as it was the song where I shared a moment with Gaga and I briefly caught it on camera, take a look.

Okay, i’m sorry about the screaming but it’s Lady goddamn Gaga.

Another one of my favourite performances of the night was definitely Bad Romance

As well as being one of Gaga’s most iconic songs, it really captured the spirit of the whole night, crazy outfits and wigs, monsters with their paws up, it was just a really beautiful experience.

Check out more of my videos on my YouTube Channel


Hey guys,

Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and New Year!

Unfortunately over Christmas my laptop broke and I was unable to get it repaired which meant I had no access to my blog for the weeks as I spent at home. Now I’m back at Uni I have access to the library which means I can continue blogging while I decide on a new laptop feel free to tweet me any suggestions at @Throughmyeyes97 or through my personal twitter account @HausofCurtis

I am so excited to be blogging in 2017 as in the next few months Lady Gaga takes on the Superbowl half time show which is going to be absolutely spectacular! Not long after this Gaga has promised to announce her Joanne tour dates, all i can say is thank god for student loans!


Million Reasons music video


Lady Gaga just released the Million Reasons music video on Wednesday, this is the follow up video from Perfect Illusion. The videos are so completely different as the Perfect Illusion is a Adrenalin fuelled pop perfection music video whereas Million Reasons shows a much more honest, vulnerable side of Gaga.

As Perfect Illusion fades out Gaga is seen on the ground crying in the desert and her team pull up in cars and come to comfort her. Unlike the video for G.U.Y. An ARTPOP Film where Gaga is an ‘Angel Down’ like a fallen phoenix, a group of business men are scrambling for cash around her. Some fans believe this is reference to the way her old management treated her in comparison to her new management that love and care for her as a person.

The visuals in this music video are very simple but completely breathtaking, it fits the song perfectly  and is has the #JoanneVibes that many fans including myself have been living for this era.

As well as the music video Gaga has delivered some beautiful performances of the song at some major events including The Victoria Secret Fashion Show and The American Music Awards.

The Joanne era is proving to be Gaga’s most personal era to date and as a fan I feel like I’m getting to know Stefani more through this album. She has also confirmed that each music video this era will pick up where the last one left off.

For now we can only wonder where Gaga will take us next with her on this journey.