Joanne Review

Hey Guys,

I know I’m a little late on the Joanne train when it comes to reviewing the album, but better late than never and I definitely wanted to review this album.

I just want to start this review by telling you all to buy this album for yourself and for friends and family this Christmas. If you, like me are a Little Monster, this is the album we have been waiting for. Gaga really showcases some killer vocals on this album.

Joanne is Gaga’s first solo album released since ARTPOP’s release in 2013 and she did not disappoint, with either albums, just saying. But Joanne has a more personal tone throughout the entire album, Gaga herself said she has two sides one being Gaga and the other being her father’s daughter which she portrays through this album.

There is something about this album that feels completely fresh in the 2016 music industry as she could have opted to make generic pop songs.However, once again she reinvented herself in the music industry for a stripped back techno country pop Gaga in my personal opinion.

One track on the album Hey Girl features Florence Welsh or Florence and The Machine, their voices sound so beautiful and really complement one another, it makes you wonder why they haven’t collaborated before, we definitely need more of these two pop perfectionists together.

Million Reasons is probably Gaga’s best ballad and is one of my favourite songs on the album, a combination of powerful vocals and moving lyrics it’s a guaranteed tear-jerker. Million Reason’s is her current single with video dropping tomorrow, December 14th 2016.

Gaga teased fans that the video picks up exactly where Perfect Illusion finishes, so for a recap of that check out the Perfect Illusion music video below

Check back for a review of the Million Reasons music video review.


Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween everyone

If you’re like me then you’re probably going out tonight and no Halloween party is complete without the classics and I want to kick start the Halloween party with my top five Halloween tracks, proceed with caution as cliche’s may lie ahead.

I’ll post pictures on my Instagram of my costume, happy trick or treating guys and I hope you enjoy my top five Halloween songs.

5. Ghostbusters

As well as being one of my favourite Halloween songs it’s definitely one of my favourite films, If I was going out tonight I’d probably be chilling on my couch watching this Halloween classic.

4. This is Halloween

I doubt there is a Halloween playlist out there without this song and if you have a Halloween playlist without, go ahead and add it.

3. Scooby Doo and The Witches Curse – Earth, Wind, Fire and Air.

Okay so I know this isn’t exactly a Halloween song or even a Halloween classic but it’s an undeniably catchy song. Who didn’t love the hex girls when they were kids!?

2. Bad Romance

This one definitely isn’t a Halloween song but nevertheless it has a top spot on my list, so maybe I am being a little biased putting this song in my list, but the song has the creepy Halloween vibe that I live for.



  1. Thriller

If this isn’t your ultimate Halloween song you definitely aren’t doing Halloween right. From the iconic dance moves, stunning spooktacualr visuals and of course the haunting lyrics. This song is basically defines Halloween in my opinion

My First Blog Post

Hi Guys,

Since this is my first blog post I thought I’d give you a quick introduction to me and what I’m all about.

As I already mentioned I’m a second year
Journalism at Teesside University, hopefully second year is as crazy as first year, so I thought I’d share the next two years of my life with you all.

Most of my university life is spent in a night club, usually Mixtape on a Tuesday. If you live in Middlesbrough and haven’t been to Mixtape then you’re seriously missing out! No doubt I’ll blog and vlog from night outs out so keep an eye out for those.

Just a few facts about me

  • I’m a huge Lady Gaga fan and I’ve seen her live twice
  • I’m from a Seaside town called Amble by the Sea, it’s okay no one knows where it is
  • I have identical twin god-daughters, Erin & Eva.

I just want the world to catch a glimpse of this weird but wonderful world I live in.


Throwback to that time Lady Gaga changed my life, October 15th 2014


My God-daughter’s, the cheekiest twins I know