90’s Nostalgia


When I was at work recently I was asked if i ever owned a VHS (Home video system for those who don’t know what that means). Of course I did, who didn’t!? However I was told I was ‘too young’ to have had one.Lets take a moment to remember and appreciate all things 90’s.

I feel like a lot of things that were popular in the 90’s and early 00’s are becoming popular again for example Pokemon with Pokemon GO. I feel like Pokemon was definitely more popular when I was a child then suddenly this new app comes out and everyone’s playing it.

Furbies, remember those? You loved them but your poor mother hated them. The real struggle of trying not to wake them up and hiding them in your wardrobe trying to send it to sleep.I remember having a Gremlins Gizmo furby and I think it wgizmo-furbyas my favourite toy ever. Again Furbies were almost unheard of in recent years until now that is, they’ve been updated and are more interactive than ever and I still totally want one, sorry Mam.


VHS, children of today will never know the struggle of having to rewind your favourite video tape every time you wanted to watch it. I actually still remember using a DVD player for the first time and being completely gob smacked that I didn’t have to rewind it, don’t judge me I was still pretty young.  These will definitely not becoming popular again any time soon.


I may have only lived in the 90’s for three years but hey I’m still a 90’s kid a heart.